Company history

2018 Alvier is acquired by the Swedish company Höganäs AB

2007 Further extension of the factory and office areas at the Buchs site
2004 EPMA Annual Award 2004 for a multi-platen sizing die-set
2003 Development of a helical gear system for high-speed presses

1999 Introduction of quality management system ISO 9001
1997 Further expansion measures at the Buchs production site
1993 Development of multi-platen die-sets for mechanical presses
1993 Extension of production at the Buchs site
1992 EPMA Annual Award 1992 for the helical gear system
1991 Development of the first helical gear system

1988 Beginning of cooperation with leading press manufacturers
1987 Start of development activities and production in the new buildings at Buchs SG
1986 Founding of Werkzeugbau Alvier AG

Turnkey solutions for the production of complex PM-parts